Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Work Of A Thinker Versus The Foolishness Of A Drifter

It may seem fun to drift joyfully through life "without a care in the world" and having nothing to do to earn anything, but there is not any real joy in that kind of existence, just resigned contentment that you will have it easy without having to "go up" or "grow up". Stopping the drifting, however hard or easy it may seem to do so is the start of going up and growing up wherever you are. Sure, we all want it "a little easier" or "a little better" at times, but growth only happens with the most genuine of action, right? Yes, most definitely.

When we think about reality, concentration of thought and action always makes us grow better than drifting along through everything and just "enjoying the ride" without doing anything to control where we go and why we go there. I mean, even those who seem to enjoy drifting want to be where the person who does not drift goes to without earning it. In fact, sometimes, one can even say that there is a sense of envy for the person who seems to earn their way to something genuine instead of having it given to them in an "established way".

So, even the worst of us does not want to drift luckily and get what is wanted, everybody wants to work at full and genuine capacity getting what they really want out of life. To be "born into greatness" indeed does not work to make better, usually, it works to make worse, unless an earned spark is there that does it genuinely from scratch, being born into greatness does not have any value.

Even the richest of winnings had their beginnings in raw material when you really think about it.

The raw material is worked on to make winnings. Some of the best raw material start out as "diamonds in the rough that look like dirty stones" anyway. All we have to do is be willing to work genuinely for what we genuinely want and the rest is history if we are willing to make it.

Thought and action attract that which it is directed upon. What does drifting attract? Even if what you get is good, it is not attracted or appreciated genuinely with drifting. It is nothing unless you appreciate and develop it. If you want to win, start there with development. If you want the beauty of the diamond, cut it right, facets and all. Drifting and luck do not have meaning when it comes down to that reality. Existence is that kind of reality anyway.

My name is Joshua Clayton, I am a freelance writer based in Inglewood, California. I also write under a few pen-names and aliases, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write by that for the most part now. I am a philosophical writer and objective thinker and honest action taker. I also work at a senior center in Gardena, California as my day job, among other things, but primarily I am a writer.

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